Text Updates

Parents and teen members can receive text messages from the Club to stay informed about inclement weather, emergency situations and important upcoming Club events.

How to Sign Up for Texts from the Club

To join one of the groups below, text @BGCOReplaceThisText to 262-885-4033. You will need to repeat this process for each group you want to join.

Example: If you want to receive updates specific to teens, you would text @BGCOTeens to phone number 262-885-4033.

If you do not receive a text message response right away, please contact our SMS texting service provider, Celly.

Texting Groups

  • @BGCOTeens
  • @BGCOTeenParents
  • @BGCORadfordParents
  • @BGCORadfordSummer
  • @BGCOSixYrOldParents
  • @BGCOCareParents

About Our Texting Service Celly

Celly is a free, mobile social network that works via group texting. Celly is instant, private, and secure and you are able to subscribe or unsubscribe from the service at any time. (Please note that while Celly is free, normal text messaging fees from your cell phone carrier still apply.)

Once you sign up, you will receive texts from the Club, however, your cell phone number will not be visible to anyone else and no one else but the Club will be able to text you. The Club respects the privacy of all of our families and staff and promises not to share your cell phone number with any third parties.

If you do not use SMS text messaging, you can also choose to receive messages via email, or by accessing the Celly website. Celly also offers free Android and iOS apps (iPod/iPhone/iPad).

How to Unsubscribe

If you signed up but no longer wish to receive text messages from the Club, you are able to opt out at any time. To unsubscribe from Celly, visit their website or text OFF to Celly’s phone number 262-885-4033.


If you have questions about this service please visit Celly’s support page.

If you still questions, please contact the Club’s Marketing Coordinator Katie Huebner at 920-233-1414, Ext. 22 or katieh@bgcosh.org.