The Arts

Art Programs

Our arts programming enables young people to develop their creativity and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of visual and tactile arts and crafts, performing arts, and creative writing. Club members participate in a wide variety of activities from story-telling, writing, musical performances, drawing, and painting. Special activities are planned and conducted quarterly to generate enthusiasm for the arts and cultural diversity.

Digital Arts

The Digital Arts Suite teaches members ages 6 to 18 how to create computer-generated art. In each of the six programs (Animation Tech, Design Tech, Game Tech, Photo Tech, Music Tech and Movie Tech), members advance through three levels of animated lessons online and participate in instructor-led group activities.

Arts & Crafts

Throughout the summer our art program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 7-12. Members will be creating projects ranging from weaving lanyards, drawing, painting, paper mache, and jewelry making in the art room by expressing themselves through a variety of materials and projects.f projects.

Fine Arts

This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6-18 through watercolor, pastels, oil and acrylic paint, printmaking, collage, mixed media, colored pencil, monochromatic and group projects of visual arts.


Photography is designed to help members go beyond snapshots and develop skills to take photographs that can really impact the viewer.