Planned Giving

Thank you for your interest in planned giving at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oshkosh. Planned gifts are long-range contributions that will ensure the longevity of our organization and sustain our important work with kids. There are many creative ways for you to leave a legacy of hope and opportunity for future generations of deserving kids.

Types of planned gifts

An outright gift of cash or securities

For gifts of cash, you are entitled to an income tax deduction up to 50 percent of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) with a five-year carryover period for any excess. For gifts of long-term appreciated securities, the limit is 30 percent of AGI, and you will avoid the capital gain tax that would have applied had you sold them.

An outright gift of real estate or other property

Most real estate has appreciated faster than the rate of inflation and offers great potential in charitable gift planning. A tax deduction for the fair market value of the property is permitted up to 30 percent of AGI and, again, you will avoid the capital gain tax.

A gift of a personal residence or farm with a retained life estate

It is possible to transfer ownership of your personal residence or farm to the Club while retaining use of the property during your lifetime. You receive a current income tax deduction for the property’s discounted value.

A life income gift to the Club

You can receive a lifetime income, in addition to various tax benefits, from making a gift to one of our life-income plans. For instance, you will receive a current income tax deduction for the present value of the eventual gift, subject to the same contribution ceilings mentioned above, and you may reduce or eliminate the capital gains tax on long-term appreciated assets. On the death of the income beneficiary (you and/or another person), the Club will have use of the funds to further its programs. Life income plans include:

Charitable gift annuity

In exchange for a gift of cash or securities, we will agree to pay you a fixed annual income for your lifetime, backed by the assets of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This income may start now or at a later date, such as retirement. The rate of the annuity is based on the ages of the annuitants, you or another person. You will incur no immediate capital gain on the transfer of appreciated securities and part of your annuity payment will be tax-free.

Charitable remainder trust

We are happy to work with you and your financial advisers to create an individual income arrangement that suits your unique circumstances. For example, you may choose a fixed or fluctuating payment, the rate of income and many other features to suit your particular needs. You will incur no capital gain tax on the initial transfer of long-term, appreciated securities or real estate into the trust.

A gift of a new or existing life insurance policy

Many people have life insurance policies that exceed their current needs. Such policies can be given to the Club, and you may take an income tax deduction for the cash surrender value. Plus, the annual premiums on a new or existing policy given to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation irrevocably may also be tax deductible.

A gift of an income stream

You can provide annual payments to the Club from a pool of income-producing assets—a charitable lead trust—that later will be returned to you or distributed to your heirs. This plan allows you to transfer assets to family members at a reduced value while providing meaningful support to our mission for a number of years and receiving a current tax deduction.

A gift in your will or living trust

A simple charitable bequest can provide very meaningful support to our mission as well as reduce the amount of estate and inheritance taxes paid. Bequests may be specific, proportional or residual in nature.

A gift of retirement benefits

Naming the Club as primary, partial or contingent beneficiary of your retirement plan is a simple, practical gift idea. See your personnel office for the proper forms. Donors over age 70½ are permitted to transfer to charity up to $100,000 per year directly from an IRA without counting it as income on their federal income tax.

Creative combinations of the above gifts

You also have the ability to provide a planned gift through a combination of the above options. For instance, life income gifts may be established through your will or living trust, giving you the flexibility to change your mind during your lifetime and yet providing a substantial charitable estate tax deduction for taxable estates.

If you would like more information on planned giving, contact Club CEO Tracy Ogden at 920-233-1414, ext. 116 or or speak to your financial planner or attorney.


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