Summer Program Information

Great Explorers, 5-7 year-olds

Great Explorers is a summer-time program for Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh members who are 5-7 years old and have completed Kindergarten. The program is located in the J. Wilcox Head Start building attached to the Boys & Girls Club. It is a licensed program which follows additional rules and regulations besides those in place at the Boys & Girls Club. The Great Explorers have six classrooms with a certified lead teacher in each room. Each classroom will have 15 children with one teacher. While in the Great Explorers program at the Boys & Girls Club, your child will participate in a variety of activities including art and technology, as well as time out on the field, playground and in the gym.

Radford Program, 8-9 year-olds

The Radford program will have something for everyone, 7-9 years old – arts, sports, games, projects, and more! Activities will be held in the gym, games room, learning center, STEM & tech lab, art room, and out on the playground & field. The Radford program is structured but also gives Club members some choices throughout the day. There will also be field trips, weekly themes, and crazy dress-up days!

Quest Program, 10-12 year-olds

Our Quest Summer program is for members 10-12 years old. Throughout the day, our members rotate into different rooms to participate in a variety of activities and programs. Some examples of programs they will be experiencing are STEM, social and emotional learning, arts & crafts, beginning to career launch, summer brain gain, and more! Members will get many different opportunities and experiences over the summer! Club members will also have the opportunity to join Torch Club. Torch Club is a member lead group that works on projects to help the community. Members first work to identify problems of the community and then brainstorm ideas on how they can make a difference. We hope as they learn leadership skills, they also see their voices matter!

Teen Program, 13-18 year-olds

The Teen program will have a variety of activities, including but not limited to: career readiness, financial literacy, camping, fishing, hiking, swimming, working out, Healthy Habits, Teen Cuisine, painting, arts & crafts, volunteering, sports/leagues, college visits, industry tours, weekly field trips, scavenger hunts, board & card games. This is going to be a fun and exciting summer that teens are going to really enjoy! Teens will also have the opportunity to go on college visits along with career and industry tours. We will also go to the YMCA twice a week.

Program Contact Information

Great Explorers Program: Katrina Gesell – or (920) 233-1414  Ext. 131
Radford Program and Quest Program: Lauren Nicholls – or (920) 233-1414 Ext. 137
Teen Program: Jessica McKenna – or (920) 233-1414 Ext. 127
Omro Program: Hanna Holbrook or (920) 410-4043


Proud sponsor of Healthy Habits and Triple Play programs

The Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh is a United Way agency.