Summer Program Information

Radford Program, 7-9 year-olds

The redesigned Radford program will have something for everyone, 7-9 years old – arts, sports, games, projects, and more! Activities will be held in the gym, games room, learning center, STEM & tech lab, art room, and out on the playground & field. The Radford program is a structured program but also gives Club members some choices throughout the day. There will also be field trips, weekly themes, and crazy dress-up days!

Quest Program, 10-12 year-olds

Our Quest Summer program is for members 10-12 years old. Throughout the day, our members rotate into different rooms to participate in a variety of activities and programs. Some examples of programs they will be experiencing are STEM, social and emotional learning, arts & crafts, beginning to career launch, summer brain gain, and more! Members will get many different opportunities and experiences over the summer! Club members will also have the opportunity to join Torch Club. Torch Club is a member lead group that works on projects to help the community. Members first work to identify problems of the community and then brainstorm ideas on how they can make a difference. We hope as they learn leadership skills, they also see their voices matter!

Teen Program, 13-18 year-olds

The Teen program will have different activities, including but not limited to: career readiness, financial literacy, camping, fishing, hiking, eSports, swimming, working out, Healthy Habits, Teen Cuisine, painting, arts & crafts, volunteering, sports/leagues, college visits, industry tours, weekly field trips, scavenger hunts, board & card games. This is going to be a fun and exciting summer that teens are going to really enjoy! Teens will also have the opportunity to go on college visits along with career and industry tours!

Adventure Program at Peace Lutheran, 5-12 year-olds

It will be our 3rd summer over at Peace Lutheran Church and we are excited to bring in our Club programs to the site. The program will be for ages 5-12, with 5 year-olds having to be through Kindergarten before attending. Club members will be split up into classrooms and move throughout the building, as well as the gym and playground. Activities include science experiments, art projects, educational games, and group activities! The program will also take field trips and have the opportunity for community partners to come in and join us.


One of the ways we keep Club members’ minds sharp while away from school is our academic computer program STRIDE. Each child has an account that gauges what level of reading and math questions they answer for coins. Members can choose to purchase items from the STRIDE store or use their coins to play games within the program. It gives them something to look forward to when they make purchases and allows us to monitor their academic successes throughout the summer.

Secondly, each group will participate in STEM activities weekly. These correlate with weekly themes or field trips their groups attend. Doing projects like robotics, building mini boats and examining sea life and local plants have added excitement in past summers. Making STEM fun and to entice learning without realization is what we strive to do with these programs.

Fitness & Health

Each Club member will get at least one hour of activity in the gym each day, participate in games and sports that will test their skills and teamwork. Along with our gym activities, different age groups have the opportunity to participate in additional athletic programs. Our 7-9 year-olds will be able to participate in the Little Brewers program. A program that introduces the skills and rules of baseball. The Little Brewers team then plays games with surrounding Boys & Girls Clubs in Berlin, Appleton, and Menasha. We will also be looking to partner with an NFL alumni group to send club members to a flag football camp. Quest program members will be partnering with the YMCA Tennis Center for tennis skill lessons at the end of the summer. Throughout the summer, Club members will also have Healthy Habits – a healthy eating program that goes follows the MyPlate program.

Community Partners

The Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh partners with surrounding agencies in the Fox Valley to offer new experiences for our Club Members during the summer months. We are very fortunate in the fact that we are able to have partners come to us. In the past, 4H has come into our building to do special STEM projects with LEGO robotics, Nike employees have introduced new gym games and outside fun, we have taken the kids to the farmer’s market during the week, kids have gone fishing, and we have had the opportunity to offer sailing. There will be a calendar of events and field trips at our upcoming Open House.

Field Trips

Every program will be going on quite a few field trips this summer! For ages 5-12 years old, we will have weekly swimming trips, as well as bigger adventures every week. Some of these trips may include Bay Beach WildlifeSanctuary, Mulberry Lane Farm, the NEW Zoo, a Timber Rattler game, Lambeau Field, Badger Sports Park, Ultimate Fusion Gymnastics Center, and the Milwaukee Zoo. The Teen Program will be partnering with the YMCA. They will be going to the YMCA twice a week for different activities and exercise programs. The Teen program will also offer a field trip every Friday. This field trip will be an extra cost but the only cost of the program.

Program Contact Information

Radford Program – Kevin Mueller – – (920)233-1414 Ext. 121
Quest Program – Lauren Nicholls – – (920)233-1414 Ext. 137
Teen Program – Sean Purtee – – (920)233-1414 Ext. 127
Adventure Program – Lindsay Clark – – (920)233-1414 Ext. 114


Proud sponsor of Healthy Habits and Triple Play programs

The Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh is a United Way agency.