BGCO Parental Consent for Teen Virtual Meetings

Dear Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh Parent/Guardian of Teen Member(s):

In an effort to continuously serve members during a closure of the Club’s facilities, Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh is providing distance-based, video meeting opportunities for teenage youth to stay connected to Club staff and mentors as well as participate in other online Club activities. Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh will use the third party video platform Zoom ( which members, parents/guardians and Club staff can access via the Internet and use for purposes of communication and programming.

This form seeks to gain consent for your teen to utilize the third party video meeting program Zoom for distance-based, virtual Club programming purposes. It’s important for you to know that our commitment to keeping the young people we serve safe is always our number one priority. Boys & Girls Clubs of Oshkosh will actively monitor member activity on Zoom with a full-time Club staff member being present for all meetings. All contact information such as email & phone numbers will be kept private from youth. Please be aware that third party applications collect different information about their users and have their own privacy terms and conditions to which members must adhere. Please review Zoom’s terms carefully before registering your teen.

Further, all activities online must comply with the Safety Policies of Boys & Girls Clubs of Oshkosh, including the Code of Conduct, Acceptable Use Policy, Internet Safety Policy, Prohibition of 1:1 Contact Policy found in the Club’s Parent Handbook.

In order to participate in virtual Club programming, you will need to provide your child with the following:

• Internet access
• A Zoom compatible device (computer, tablet, smart phone)
• Current email address to receive video meeting invitations
• Current phone numbers of the parent/guardian & youth that Club staff can use to coordinate meetings
• Quiet space/time at home to participate

We will use Zoom for the following program activities:
• Video meetings between Club youth, facilitated by the a full-time Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh staff member

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