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Encouraging Club Member’s Academic Success

Some great things have been happening at the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh in terms of academics. First, we recently teamed up with the Oshkosh Area School District Community Learning Centers to offer online tutoring for students in grades 1-12 using Google Classroom and Zoom. Each session takes place with a one on one tutor k. We want to offer as much support as possible to our members for their academics. If your child(ren) need help with on-line class assignments or additional support in math or literacy, please contact Director of Academic Success, Jessica McKenna at

Another way we would like to encourage all of our members to keep working on their academic goals is through the online learning tool, STRIDE Academy. Club members in grades K-8 all have access to STRIDE.  

The format of the program is multiple choice questions in the combined areas of math and reading, however, this can be narrowed to cover just math or reading or even a particular lesson. As each child uses STRIDE, the program uses the feedback to better tailor questions to target areas where the student needs additional development. One of the incentives for kids to use STRIDE and answer questions is to earn coins for correct answers which they can redeem to play games inside of STRIDE which are modeled after popular online games.

Another incentive the Club is offering is a free pizza delivery!! Every household that achieves 50 correct questions in STRIDE per school aged child will receive a Domino’s or Little Caesar’s Pizza delivered to their house on Friday of that week! (Pizza size varies on family size). If a family answers 75 questions correct per child, we will also send breadsticks with the pizza for going above and beyond. At the top of the STRIDE screen it displays  how many questions have been answered correctly,  or you can always email Miss Jessica to double check. 

The third exciting thing we are doing this week to help members focus on academics, is to send home  brand new decks of playing cards an information sheet with families who are receiving meals. The information sheet features  some fun card games for Club members to play to keep  up on their math skills! 

Even though the Club is closed we want our members to excel in their academics endeavors. If you have any questions about Stride or tutoring, please contact our Director of Academic Success, Jessica McKenna at


(Pictured is Club member Jeremiah receiving his pizza for getting 50 questions correct in the STRIDE program!)