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Great Explorers Program Update

We’re halfway through summer and Club members are staying busy in the Great Explorers Program. Our main goal is to help bridge the achievement gap in a fun, hands on and engaging way.

One of the unique things about the Great Explorers Program, is the number of field trips and adventures that our members get to experience at no extra cost. It’s a great way to show our younger members what the Fox Valley has to offer! All of our trips are unique and offer a learning experience for our members.

Every Thursday, Great Explorers “splash into adventure” and get to hop on the bus to local water parks and beaches. We’ve already been to Marble Park Beach, Erb Park, Berlin Pool, and Sunset Beach. Other field tips include roller-skating, a trampoline park, local zoos, Bay Beach, and more!

The Great Explorers spend the day at Menominee Park every other Wednesday. Besides Little Oshkosh and the Oshkosh Zoo, our members participate in arts and crafts, kickball, playground games, and community service projects. Last week, we participated in a free class, ran by the Oshkosh Zoo where our members were able to touch a snake and learn about reptiles.

In the classrooms at the Club, Great Explorers get to participate in many activities and are often visited by special guests! Boys Scout of America have joined us weekly for team building and group activities for all of our members. Fang, from the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, drove down to cheer us on and play a baseball game with us on our field! Our kids were excited to get their posters signed and give Fang many high fives!

New this year, the Great Explorers Program has weekly mashup groups. We mix up our classes and work together as a team to teach social skills such as anger management, stress relief, being mindful and regulating our emotions with the Zones of Regulation. These skills are not only helpful in the summer, but our members are able to carry these skills to school this upcoming year.

By: Kevin Mueller, After School Care Assistant Director