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Helping Teens Become Licensed Drivers

May 24, 2022

This summer our Driver’s Education Program will be in its 5th year. The program, supported through a grant from State Farm Insurance, began because we wanted to help our teens be able to affordably access the training and the driving experience needed to become licensed drivers. For many teens, the cost of obtaining a license was out of their family’s budget and because it’s not a requirement to graduate high school, many teens fail to go through driver’s education courses. Unfortunately, many of them end up driving without a license. Since driving is an important life skill, we wanted to provide a program for teen members to become safe drivers and provide financial assistance to those that need it, making it feasible for teens to complete driver’s education and ultimately get a license.

Last year, we experienced a waiting list of teens wanting to get into the program and because of its continued growth, the Club now offers the program three times per year with 15 teens per class. We partner with Cruisin’ Safely Driving School to provide the driver’s education course. The course instruction includes classes on traffic safety, basic traffic laws, vehicle maintenance, vehicle control and tips on buying and owning a vehicle. Our Care & School Site Coordinator, Adam Cummings, tutors teens who need extra assistance during the program and Cruisin’ Safely Driving School provides the behind-the-wheel training hours needed to obtain a license. Teens must also participate in Career Launch, a Boys & Girls Club program that helps high schoolers explore career choices, to be enrolled in the Driver’s Education Program. We’re proud to have been able to help 74 teens get their driver’s licenses since offering the program!

Contact Adam at to find out when our next program begins.

Adam Cummings
Care & School Site Coordinator