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Meet Board Member Marina Pashkevich

September 30, 2022

Marina Pashkevich joined the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh Board of Directors in September 2022. She is Vice President of Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Oshkosh Corporation. She leads the Advanced Analytics practice enterprise-wide and is responsible for driving value creation and enabling strategy using data assets, analytics-driven insights, and automation through AA projects and data management.

Marina has 20 years of experience in the quantitative arena, developing analytics strategies for business clients across industries at all analytical maturity levels. She’s effectively integrated advanced analytical capabilities and data-driven decisions into business processes to achieve significant performance improvements across enterprise-wide organizational functions. Marina has extensive experience implementing Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence process building, Decision Analytics systems, and IoT use cases through various big-data platforms. Before joining Oshkosh, she spent 15 years in an advisory capacity in consulting space, providing clients with ML/AI solutions to resolve complex business issues to drive performance improvement in revenue, customer experience, business operations, customer management, and supply chain.

Marina joined the board to help serve the Club’s mission and support great futures for our children. Marina says, “Children are our future. Innocent children should not feel threatened, anxious, or deprived of basic things. I want to help the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh to promote and enhance the development of boys and girls, those children who need us, by empowering them with knowledge, allowing them to identify usefulness, belong to the community, acquire new skills, and build confidence.”