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Recap of the Flag Football Season at BGCO

The flag football team at the Boys & Girls Club had a very good season this year with a record of 4 wins 1 loss and 2 ties. The boys truly banded together as a team and showed a great amount of sportsmanship and teamwork throughout the season. I am very proud of the boys because they did an awesome job working as a unit and creating a culture that can continue for a long time. Let’s meet the players! The first player that we are going to talk about is the quarterback Byron. Byron did a great job all year at running the team and putting everyone in positions to be successful. Byron had the most touchdowns this season, throwing and running, so he’s been a great lift for the team offensively. Byron is also a one of the top three defenders on the team. So all in all, Byron has a very nice package offensively and defensively for football; job well done Byron. Mason is our center for the team and played a pivotal role all season. Mason came into his role and really did a great job all year. Mason played sick one game and played his best game that day and I am so proud of him for leading by example. Great job Mason. Landin was our “jack of all trades.” He really did a good job of being himself and playing his role. Landin played a little quarterback for the team for a game. He also played a wide receiver and running back for the team. All jobs done well done Landin. Dalton is the epitome of a hardworking player, he was our most coachable player on the team. Dalton was also our most selfless player on the team as well. Dalton had the second most catches on the team at wide receiver and was a true blessing to our team. Job well done Dalton. Orlando was our big-play wide receiver. If we needed a big play, Orlando would be there to make it happen. Orlando had the most catches on our team this year. Thank you Orlando for having an amazing season, and keep up the good work. Dominic was one of our better defensive players on the team. Dominic’s trademark is his defense. He’s known for being a lockdown defender and he really played his role well because anytime we needed a stop, Dominic was there to give it to us. Job well done Dominic. You had a great season. Preston “The Rookie” was the third grader on the team playing with the big boys and he played his role to a T. He learned different positions and excelled at the things that he could do best which was be aggressive and pull flags. Preston, thanks for giving the team your all and job well done on a great season. Isaac was the team’s secret weapon. Isaac started things slow, but as soon as Isaac got comfortable with everyone, he came out of his shell and had a great season. Isaac began catching passes and being a very productive player on the field playing running back for us, once he got comfortable with the team. Job well done Isaac. Connor is a very skilled young player on our football team that did his job well. Connor lead the team this year in most interceptions caught. Job well done on the season, Connor.

Written by: Hiram Moss, Athletic Director