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Recent Remodel at the Club Creates Safer Entrances

Dear Parents of Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh Members:

Our Boys & Girls Club has gone through some updates and remodeling at our Club entrances to help keep children, staff, visitors and volunteers safe. When you next visit, you will notice that we have two sets of doors to be buzzed through at both main entrances. This will further help us make sure that no one comes into the Club who is not supposed to be there. We will also be changing our door entrance between the Head Start and Radford Club so that they may only be accessed with a key fob that our staff will have.

What does this mean for you or those you have picking up your children? The biggest change is that parents will only be able to enter the Club through the Radford main entrance and the Teen Center main entrance. It also means that parents will be asked to wait by the front reception area on both sides when coming to pick up children. No one will be allowed to go through the second set of doors at either entrance except Club members, staff and approved volunteers. When you are here to pick up your child, the front desk will page them or find a staff member who can locate them for you. The exception to this practice will be Family Nights or attendance by parents at sporting events held at the Club where their child is participating.

Also, in the summer and on non-school days, for those parents who have children in our five and six year old licensed program, which is held in the Head Start building, parents will no longer be able to access the back door to pick-up or drop-off their child. All children will go through the main Radford Center entrance and a staff member will bring them down the hall to their appropriate classroom.

If parents have a reason to meet with staff at the Club they are certainly welcome to do so. They will need to check-in at the Radford Center front desk and the receptionist will locate the staff person who will meet you and converse with you in that area or if there is a need to meet in private, you will be taken back to their office.

These changes and improvements are all happening as we work to achieve the best safety environment we can provide while your children are at the Boys & Girls Club. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any further questions, I can be reached at or 920-233-1414 x. 115.

Marc Dosogne

Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh CEO