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Thomas Coppola

Phone Extension 118

Thomas Coppola joined our team in May 2023 as the Club’s Human Resources Manager. Thomas is focusing on strategic improvements that will empower the organization to achieve concentrated goals. He loves working with individuals to enhance their personal and professional aspirations. As a resident of Winnebago County, Thomas takes the initiative in his pursuit to support the public. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to achieve, and the future of our community, both locally and globally, is predicted by the empowerment of young people. He is dedicated at local and state levels, focuses on strategic programming to aid those in need, and coordinates efforts to make sure that young people can access services that will help them survive and develop. In addition, he represents Winnebago County as an advocate for foster parents. Thomas is honored to represent the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh while advocating the partnerships that help ensure the Club has the tools and resources to continue empowering the young people in our community.