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Staying Active as the Weather Gets Colder!

November 15, 2021

The weather has not stopped our members from being active! 

A part of our Fall Program includes our Radford members being active for at least 30 minutes per day. The time in the gym is an opportunity for members to play an organized game and learn new games and sports. Thus far this fall a few favorites include dodgeball, fastest tagger in the west, mat ball, lifeboat, fire and ice tag, climbing the rock wall, and mushroom ball. 

The Quest (middle school) Program comes into gym 3 days per week for 45 minutes to try their hand at new activities. Quest members enjoy games they know and love such as mat ball, dodgeball, ultimate football, lightning, kickball, and mushroom ball. They also have enjoyed the new games and activities that are new to them as well, such as tchoukball, handball, pickleball and speedball.

The Teen Program has time in the gym for at least one hour each day. Their favorite activities being basketball, volleyball, pickleball, and football. 

All of the activities done in the gym give Club members the chance to work on their conflict resolution skills, teamwork and help keep them active. 

While the weather was warmer, the Club took 10 Radford and Quest members to play kickball with our school sites at Lakeside Elementary and Shapiro STEM Academy. This will start back up in the spring as the weather turns nicer. Until then, we will have various Staff VS Members games inside the gym brought back by popular demand when our staff played our Little Brewers Little League team in summer. Having Staff VS Members games are a great way for our staff to get engaged in activities and be a leader in health and wellness to our members. The games also get the members excited. 

SIGN UP UPDATE: Starting in January, we will renew our partnership with the YMCA to host 5th-8th grade boys’ basketball leagues on Saturdays. During the season, members will learn and improve on the skills of basketball through practices and games. If you have Club members that would like to sign up please contact Noah at

As you can tell, there is a lot happening in the Gym for all ages at the Club. My hope is to continue to introduce new games and activities that encourage Club members to be active in a fun way. 

-Health & Fitness Coordinator, Noah Potratz.