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Update from the Graduation and Career Coordinator

Tommy Bentley started as our Graduation and Career Coordinator in May and has already made a strong, positive impression on our teens as a staff member to count on for assistance and encouragement. Tommy has been helping our teens in the 10th grade and up discover what their interests are and how they can succeed in graduation from high school through a program called Career Launch. He also has been preparing teens for job interviews through mock interviews and other professional development programs. In just a few short months, four teens have new jobs because of his help.

Tommy’s other role is to help former Club members who have graduated from high school and are struggling to successfully navigate life in the “real” world. Currently, he is helping 6 18-24 year olds with developing careers and pursuing post-secondary school options. Some examples include, helping one member get a job at Oshkosh Door and also apply to Fox Valley Technical College. He has helped another member get into Fox Valley Technical College and fill out FAFSA paperwork, and assisted another former Club member with helping navigate her second year of the culinary arts program at Fox Valley Technical College.

Tommy has already made wonderful progress with these members and we know he will continue to help develop great futures for our teens!