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Update from the Director of Academic Success

Sara Eliasen started as our Director of Academic Success back in March ready to take on academics with our members. Over the summer months, Sara and her team had a different STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) theme each week that was carried through each activity and classroom including the art room, STEM room and learning center. Members learned about electricity, water, the brain, bugs, geography, gaming, flight and so much more!

Sara has also strengthened our collaboration with the Oshkosh Area School District. We will be aligning our learning center activities with the lessons the Oshkosh Area School District curriculum is focusing on that week in school. Teens will have daily tutors and other activities that will help them with learning math, literacy and science. Sara has worked to make sure all members 6 to 18 are expanding their minds and gaining new skills and knowledge.

Sara is also in charge of our collaboration with the Winnebago County Literacy Council for our Reader’s Café program. This summer, 250 6 to 12 year old Club members participated in the program learning to read and comprehend different fables and poetry. They ended the summer with a performance of each of their groups chosen fable or poem. The members in this group were seen reading more words per minute, comprehending more and having better fluency. Sara is doing an amazing job helping our members to be better learners and we look forward to the ways Sara will continue to grow this important role.