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BGCO YMCA 11-12 Year Old Baseball Team

This year the Club has a baseball team in the YMCA’s 11-12-year-old league. Our Club members have been working diligently through the beginning of the summer. The team has done well and shown progression through all first three games. Our team is moving in the right direction; pitching is getting better each game, the basemen are starting to find themselves on field, and the outfield team is progressing each practice and game. James has been pitching for the Boy & Girls Club team and has been doing a magnificent job. I believe that if he continues to work hard he will be a great pitcher in the future. Timmy has also been doing a good job for our team; he’s played catcher and right field primarily and he has a great arm. Everix is a great 3rd baseman he has a lot of energy and plays with a lot of emotion. Jayden has been a great asset to the team as well. He’s been a blast to watch on offense. He and Conner are tied for most stolen bases so far, and Jayden is our leading scorer on the team. Anthony has been playing catcher for us, and he has been progressing each game in his first year playing baseball for the Club. Dominic is our primary left fielder; he has a dynamic throwing arm and is very energetic on the field. Kaitlyn works the middle of the outfield and she does a great job being active out there. Kamal is our short stop and has been doing an awesome job of playing the field. Our team is doing an excellent job of progressing each game, I am very proud of the young men and women for being good sports and having fun while playing baseball.

By: Athletic Director “Coach” Hiram Moss