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A Call for Mentors

It’s the time of year where everyone is getting ready to head back to school, buying new school supplies, picking out outfits for the first day and students are finalizing their school schedules. Along with preparing for the new school year by having the physical supplies they need, we also help our members be successful by evaluation their support team and making sure they have an adult they can depend on. When you were in middle school or high school, do you remember having that one person that you were able to talk to about anything? Maybe it was talking about a problem you were having at home or maybe it was someone to help motivate you to do better in school. No matter what, you remember that individual who helped you because he or she cared for you.

Currently, we are looking for mentors to match with middle and high school members who are on our waiting list. We have both middle and high school students, especially male students, who are waiting to get matched with a mentor. Once school starts, we will receive more referrals to the program, and we would love to have mentors like you waiting to make a difference in the lives of these youth. We want these youth to start off the school year right, by having someone who is able to check in with them one on one, making sure they are going to school, doing their homework and getting the support they need in order to be successful.

Mentors are individuals from the community who dedicate at least one hour a week or four hours a month to meet with their mentee at the Club or at their school. During this time, they may work on homework, read a book, play a game, create some goals for the school year, do an art project…the options are endless! Our selfless and caring mentors make a true impact of the lives of Club members. They not only help their mentees by making a difference in their lives, but I often hear that the Club members are making a difference in the lives of their mentors as well!

One of the neat and not often pointed out special experiences that comes from being a mentor is that mentors and mentees get to experience “firsts” together such as making slime, learning how to cook, helping a mentee make the honor roll, traveling to Washington D.C., attending a concert, going to see a G-League basketball game, applying for a job.

So, as you are helping the youth in your life prepare for their school year, please also consider making even deeper impact on your local community. If you know of someone whom you feel would be a great mentor, let them know about this opportunity.

If you are interested in learning more about the mentoring program to see how you can make the difference in the life of one of our Club members, please contact Director of Teen Services, Carlea Liermann 920-233-1414, ext. 127 or