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Book Buddies Program Highlight

The Art room and Learning Center have been combining forces for a program called Book Buddies. Book buddies takes place daily from 4:00 – 5:00. Members start off in the Learning Center and are given a prompt word, such as dog, pool, cake, cold, etc. and write a paragraph telling a story about their word. After their paragraph is complete, they move to illustrations and bring their story to life with a picture in the Art room. For the past month these stories have evolved and allowed members to express themselves in a variety of different ways. The first edition of Book Buddies will be “published” on April 20th. Copies can be found by Ms. Debbie at the front desk. Another edition will follow starting April 23rd. Member’s ages 6-12 interested in signing up can do so in the learning center or the art room. Teens who are interested in helping a younger member are encouraged to do so as well. This is the perfect opportunity for everyone to sharpen their reading, writing, and artist skills.

Other upcoming programs in the Art Room include:

  • Diorama Club – Bring in an old shoe box and picture and we will help you turn it into a 3D piece of art!! This club takes place Mondays at 6:00.
  • Stop Motion Magic – Time to put pictures into motion. Daily at 3:00 you can stop by the Art room and combine photography and movie making.
  • Newspaper Club – Ever wonder what it would be like to be a reporter? This time you get to ask the questions, interview staff and other members, as well as tell your readers what is going on around the club from your perspective. This program takes place Wednesdays at 7:00.

By: Danielle Bittelman
Program Director