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Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh’s Mentor Makes an Impact

The Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh’s Great Futures Start Here Mentoring Program matched a retired gentleman with a young man who has an autism spectrum disorder. Over the last year, this mentor has gone above and beyond what was expected of him as a mentor and because of it has made a huge impact in his mentee’s life.

This mentor took the time to meet with his mentee multiple times a week at his school instead of the expected once a week at the Club. At the beginning of the school year the mentee was far behind his grade level in reading and writing. He especially struggled with reading simple sentences. This mentor encouraged and counseled his mentee where needed but decided to focus his efforts on his mentee’s reading. 

Fast forwarding a year, the mentee has improved his reading level greatly and has read multiple fantasy series books (his new favorite) for the first time! This young man also made remarkable behavioral improvements during the last year. These changes were an obvious result of the mentor’s dedication in supporting his mentee. 

Mentors don’t always see the fruit of their labor right away but it’s a special feeling when they do. They truly make a difference in their mentee’s future. We are grateful for our mentors and always looking for more! If you would like to be a mentor or are interested in learning more about the Great Futures Start Here Mentoring program please contact our Mentoring Director, Lyle at or at 920-233-1414 ext. 127. 

*The image pictured above is not of the mentor-mentee match described in the blog due to confidentiality reasons.*