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Camp Radford Serves Up Unforgettable Memories for Kids

October 20, 2021

As we clean up and prepare to close up camp for the winter, we’ve been reminiscing about all the fun that was had over summer! Members of all ages were able to take trips to our very own 45-acre Camp Radford. The camp is located about an hour from the Club on the Little Wolf River and is surrounded by natural wetlands.

Kids who attend camp get the opportunity to experience a new environment, sunshine and fresh air. They were able to participate in activities such as archery, fishing, fort building, swimming, cooking over a fire, arts and crafts, large group games, hiking and more. They also learned special skills such as tree identification, animal printing, fire starting tips, and wilderness survival skills.

In addition, members were given the opportunity to stay overnight at camp. If you ask our members what their favorite part of a camp overnight is, you will hear that being able to stay up past their normal bedtime, sleeping on the top bunk, or watching an outdoor movie with popcorn were some of their favorite parts!

For a number of kids, this was their first time staying away from home for the night. Many of the activities done at camp are first-time experiences for our members making it not only fun for them, but also for our staff that get to watch their skill set grow.

We are so thankful to have such a beautiful camp to take our members to and enjoy the outdoors. We’re counting down the days until next summer when we can invite members back to experience all the wonderful things Camp Radford has to offer!