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Club Chickens STEM Activity

This summer has been full of surprises and fun for the Boys & Girls Club of Oshkosh. Between restructuring classrooms, cancelling all field trips and navigating these challenges, we have found little things that make us smile throughout the summer.

If you were to ask our Club members what their favorite part of summer was, many of their answers may include: Meredith, Tater Tot, Cookies & Cream, Raven, Charcoal, Buddy and Chicken Nugget. Those are the names of some of their favorite Club chickens. 

At the beginning of summer, we picked up eggs from farmer Pete in Kewaskum. We patiently waited 21 days for our summer Club pets to hatch while members watched the eggs sit under a heat lamp. After a long 4th of July weekend, we all returned to the Club to find 11 baby chicks! Our members immediately fell in love. The chicks received lots of love and cuddles while members learned the proper and safe way to hold and interact with the new Club chickens. Each interaction that members had with the Club chickens allowed us to educate them on the species. A few weeks after the chickens hatched they outgrew their “nursery.” The growth of the chickens presented another learning opportunity for our Club members. With the help of staff, Club members were able to build and design a larger play area. 

Overall, the Club chickens made for a great STEM activity throughout the summer. Members were able to learn so much about caring for animals, random chicken facts, designing/building and responsibility. As we finished out our summer, our chickens permanently moved to a farm in Ripon. We are hopeful that they will be able to come back and visit often!