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Creative Programs Keep Kids Active Over Winter

February 10, 2023

As the weather continues to remind us that it is still winter, we’ve been busy keeping kids active in creative and fun ways.

Our Radford and Quest members have been participating in our Triple Play program. The program involves emphasizing good nutrition, regular physical activity, and improving overall well-being. For the physical activity portion of this program, members are having fun with age-appropriate games. Radford members have enjoyed playing games involving coordination and practicing throwing and catching skills in the gym. A few of their favorites are Pokémon dodgeball, ball tag, hula hut showdown, and cardboard javelin throwing. Quest members have been focusing on teamwork through a variety of team invasion games. Some of their favorites have been indoor soccer, speedball, floor hockey, tchoukball, and ultimate frisbee.

Teens have been working on fitness through several programs. Through a partnership with the Oshkosh Police Department, they’ve been doing the Step-Up program. Police officers teach teens a workout routine while working together and learning life skills focused on better relationships with others and anti-bullying. On Thursdays beginning later this month, we will start a volleyball league where Club members can play volleyball with their friends in a competitive and safe environment. We’ve also begun the Try It Out program, where teens can try a new sport, healthy food, or other unique experience each week. The offerings can include anything from group fitness classes at the YMCA to archery, geocaching, or even an escape room.

Looking ahead to our Summer Program, Club members will be able to participate in our Little Brewers baseball program and have the chance to attend a football camp where they can meet Green Bay Packers alum.

We continue to focus on providing kids with ways to stay active all year round that teach them important skills, challenge them, and that they will really enjoy! One of the best sounds in the world is hearing, “Mr. Noah, can we play that again?!”

Learn more about our program areas here.

By Noah Potratz
Fitness & Health Coordinator