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H Walker Visits the Club

May 20, 2022
We were very excited to have H Walker visit our Club yesterday! H serves as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. He spoke to our staff and staff from several area Clubs on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), challenged our knowledge and left us with inspiring ways to support youth and others in our daily lives. “Every kid, everywhere, every day, their way.” This is our DEI Good News message! Every person has the power to support change and make a difference. 

In an excerpt from H’s blog, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Youth he shares that “It’s important to understand the depth of this 3-pronged term and how each principle can require a lot of thought and effort to ensure a job well done. Whether it’s your home or a large corporation, the best way to apply DEI is to focus on one principle at a time, layering and building on these ideas to work your way up to a holistic culture of DEI. Diversity: Seeing and accepting, without bias, all human characteristics, experiences and identities that make us unique as individuals and members of cultures and communities, Equity: Discovering, creating and providing what is required, requested and measured by each human to feel equal, Inclusion: Ensuring everyone is invited to contribute, be seen, be heard, feel valued and be counted in a way that is safe and makes sense for them.” Read more from this blog post here.


H invited our staff to take part in the AAPI Heritage Month Virtual Celebration on May 24th: