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January is National Mentoring Month

It’s National Mentoring Month and there are youth at the Boys & Girls Club waiting for a mentor–just like YOU!

Currently, there are 11 youth (5 boys and 6 girls) waiting patiently for a match in the Great Futures Mentoring Program! The program pairs middle and high school youth who would benefit from additional guidance with an adult mentor who will help them grow academically, develop decision-making and life skills as well as create a career plan for after high school.

Mentor/mentee “matches” meet at least four hours a month over the course of two or more years with the hope that youth will stay in the program until they graduate from high school and go on to the workforce or higher education.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact Great Futures Mentoring Coordinator Carlea Liermann at or 920-233-1414, Ext. 27.

Meet the youth who are waiting for a match.

Jaidin, 11: He is interested in the mentoring program because he wants to be a better person and to do better in school. He enjoys video games, wrestling, and movies. He does not have a male role model in the home and could greatly benefit from a mentor.

Sam, 12: He loves basketball, football, games, cooking, reading, and music. He would like someone to talk to about school and making better choices.

Serenity, 14: She likes to hang out at the Club, sing, and dance. She would like a mentor to have a positive role model in life and to better help her in homework and to have someone to talk to.

Riley, 11: This energetic and bubbly young lady enjoys cooking, painting, arts & crafts, sports, and ice skating. In her own words as to why she would like to have a mentor, “I would like to get smarter and have fun with an adult female outside of school.” She does not have a female role model in the household.

Jerome, 16: He loves sports and video games. When asked why he wants a mentor he said he just wants some who can check in with him on a regular basis and talk about things going on in his life.

Ethan, 13: This down to earth teen loves to play sports, especially basketball and football. In his own words as to why he wants a mentor he said, “I want to learn to have more confidence in myself when it comes to sports and other activities. Mentors help others find courage and make the right decisions and I want someone to help with that.”

Youi, 13: He likes to play sports and listen to music. He wants a mentor to help him become a better person and get better in school.

Abuk, 13: She likes basketball, cross country, cooking, games, and arts & crafts. She specifically wants an African American mentor to help with homework, talk with about things going on, and to have something to look forward to on a regular basis.

Amira, 13: She likes hanging out with friends, music, arts & crafts, and cooking. She says, “A mentor could help me with homework and teach me life lessons.”

Myrisha, 16: She likes music, movies, and arts & crafts. She wants a mentor to help her with homework and to help her work towards her goal of becoming a nurse or a CNA. She wants to become a better person overall.