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Keystone Leadership Club Takes on National Project, “THERE IS NO PLANet B”.

March 2, 2021

This school year has been challenging to say the least! But given all of the struggles, our Keystone leadership club has adapted. Keystone is a national leadership club for teens that focuses on components of academics, career readiness and community service. They are also faced with the task of a national project each year. While this year was different, the teens have done what they could to conduct their national project and all of the other tasks they need to climb up the ranks to a Legacy Keystone club for the year! Besides completing a national project, they had numerous zoom meetings, a virtual teen recruitment activity and countless meeting time changes due to school schedules. Though there were plenty of changes, the Keystone members have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time! 

This year the national Keystone project is, “THERE IS NO PLANet B”. This project tasks Keystone clubs to focus on the impact of climate change and inform members of the Club and community about what climate change is and what we can do to help slow it down. 

The Keystone members started this project by putting together informational posters with facts about climate change and pollution. They placed them throughout the classrooms in the Club for kids to help educate other members on the subject. Keystone then led a month long recycle drive at the Club for kids to bring in plastics to be recycled properly and to give kids a visual of how much plastic we actually use in such a short amount of time! The members of Keystone are now in the brainstorming phase of another activity that they can do to educate and act. 

 Keystone members have so far completed our career readiness program “Career Launch”, took college tour trips, participated in a resume building workshop, painted windows at Father Carr’s Place 2B for their holiday party, and put together snack bags and made blankets for the Day by Day Warming Shelter. 

As the year goes on, the Keystone club is excited to work together to bring more awareness to climate change and do other acts of kindness through community service! 

If you or your teen has a question about Keystone, please contact Liz Karlovich at 920-233-1414 ext. 112 or at