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Teens Take Summer to Explore Colleges and Get First Time Jobs

This summer we wanted to focus on getting students to tour some of the bigger colleges in Wisconsin and help them look and secure jobs. The beginning of the summer tour to UW Milwaukee had to be cancelled, but we were able to get some students down to Marquette University and UW-Madison.  

The epidemic posed some restrictions to the college tours. Fortunately, we were still able to take three students to Marquette and Madison. A friend of the club and a recent grad from Marquette University agreed to meet the group on campus to give the tour (Marquette had suspended their group tours for the summer). The tour was filled with some history of the campus and lots of discussion on what college classes are like. We were very lucky to have an Alumater give us all the insights! 

Similarly, Madison had also suspended group tours for the summer. However, our members still had the opportunity to see the beautiful campus and some of the buildings they may be attending classes in one day. Those particular members of the club have aspirations to go into the medical field and legal system. 

We are excited for our members that have learned soft skills here at the club, putting them to good use and are now learning what it takes to maintain holding a job. We had four of our teen members successfully land jobs this summer with each one of them being their first job. Out of our teen members, we now have 17 that are currently employed. 

Looking forward to the school year, the club will be looking different this year for the Teen Center. We are hopeful and excited to continue to serve the youth of Oshkosh even though it may be a little different. Please visit our website for more details on what this fall will look like.