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Summertime in the Great Explorers Program

Summer is an exciting time for the 5-6 year old Great Explorers Program! We’ve been keeping busy with a variety of different activities. 

The Club’s Health & Wellness Coordinator, Ms. MacKenzie, has been visiting each of our four classrooms every Wednesday afternoon. Activities have included cooking, yoga, TABATA and more! This will continue through the summer. The Great Explorers look forward to her visits each week.

The Oshkosh Fire Department is one of our community partners that we make sure to visit with every year. This summer, our members were able to spray the fire hose and put out a “fire!” Great Explorers also learned about fire safety and were able to climb through the trucks and the Sheriff’s Department boat!

Swimming is always a big part of the Great Explorers Program. Earlier this summer, the group walked to the Oshkosh YMCA for swim lessons, water safety classes and free swim. Every Thursday, we hop on the bus and swim at local beaches and pools in the area. 

Area zoos are always a favorite for our program members as well. This summer, we have been able to travel to zoos throughout the state! During our visits, members are able to feed the animals, receive a private tour of behind the scenes action, pet and hold the smaller animals and participate in special zoo classes.

Our summer program will end with trips to Bay Beach Amusement Park and the Milwaukee Zoo. This year at the Milwaukee Zoo, Great Explorers will be able to visit the Brick Dinos exhibit. Everything is made out of LEGOs in this exhibit! Members will be able to build their own dinosaurs and display them for all to see.

By: Assistant Childcare Director Kevin Mueller