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Club Members Use Gym Time to Stay Active and Learn Valuable Skills

March 5, 2021

During our Fall Program, members got a much-needed break from virtual meetings and homework by staying active in the gym. Members spent 30 minutes twice a day in the gym doing a variety of activities to get them moving.

Radford members (5-12 years) had a blast playing tag games such as Fire and Ice Tag and the Fastest Tag in the West. They also tried their hand at conquering the rock wall, knocking down cones and pins in target games, and a variety of other games and activities. Teen members joined in the fun by playing basketball, football, kickball, dodgeball, and ultimate frisbee. Radford and Teen members also tried some unique games such as Plunger, Chaos, and Deserted Island.  The time spent in the gym not only allowed members to take a break from homework, but it allowed them to learn conflict resolution skills, teamwork and helped promote an active and healthy lifestyle. These skills help all our members, from our smallest kindergartener to our tallest 12th grader, learn how to best interact with others and work together towards a goal.

In addition to active gym time, members who attend our Spring After School Program will also enjoy Teen Nights each Wednesday. During Teen Nights, members will get to participate in various sports tournaments held in the gym.

I’m really looking forward to the Spring and Summer Programs. I’m excited for our Club sports teams to start back up, both with other Boys & Girls Clubs in the area and with the YMCA. I’m eager to be able to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and all the activities that nicer weather will bring!

Noah Potratz
Fitness and Health Coordinator

*Photo was taken before the Covid-19 pandemic and is being shown to represent the Club gym.