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A STEM Update from Ms. Susan

March 14, 2022

Club members have been keeping busy with a variety of STEM activities throughout the Club. STEM provides learning activities in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with innovative and creative programming for all ages. We’ve been exploring STEM through a variety of themed weeks and are also grateful to have several community partners come in to lead activities with youth.

Radford and Quest members have been exploring outer space by learning about and painting galaxies, reading about animals that have been to space and creating their own constellations. They have also been picking and taking home Star Romaine Lettuce from our Flex Farm. Not only can they take it home, but we have been using it with our dinners and to give it to the Club guinea pig, Sushi as a treat (she loves it)! Our Flex Farm is made possible by U.S. Venture, Inc grants and Fork Farms.

Our Quest members have learned how to use coding to control the path of our Ozobots (cute little robots, as they like to call them). They also got a chance to do STEM activities with Ms. Sarah from 4-H such as building and coding different LEGO projects that included motors and sensors.

Teens have been using circuits, doing various LEGO challenges and learning about the science behind Kool-Aid rock candy.

As a club, we discussed different aspects of STEM in the Winter Olympics such as the physics behind skiing and snowboarding.

A group of members have been able to participate in a pen pal program and continue to learn more about communicating and staying in touch with someone without the use of technology! It is very exciting for them to get letters from their pals.

We also participated in a library program that rewarded club members’ reading minutes with a super cool bee activity with Ms. Marie from the Oshkosh Public Library.

Lastly, our kindergarten through middle schoolers have been working on Stride, our reading and math computer program, to earn coins that they can use to purchase fidgets, stuffed animals and a variety of trinkets. It is a great opportunity for us to show them money managing skills.

Susan Zimmerman
Academic Coordinator